Our QC system follow the whole process of the designing, purchasing, producing, packing and shipping.

  • 1. Designing

    When we design one new printer mechanism, one technician should check all the printer size and function. Then drawing all the parts clearly. Then the other technician check the first one working and confirm it. After that, will open the moulde.
  • 2. Purchasing

    All parts(thermal head, gears, mainbody, metal parts etc.) will be tested by suppliers. After receiving in our warehouse, our QC employees will test them all. Then send to producing line.
  • 3. Producing

    QC commissioner keep eyes on producing when producing line is working. After producing, all products should be tested and prove good. Then send to packing department.
  • 4. Packing

    Packing material and packing method have been proved safe. All products will be ensure safe by our packing when shipping. QC commissioner always keep eyes on packing.
  • 5. Shipping

    We take your order to our local airport by ourselves, not by other company. The near international airport is only 3 kilometre from our warehouse. The products will be our controlled before arriving air port.